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Private management

There is no doubt that organizations and individuals in some of their work face a lot of pressure and the inability to complete tasks sometimes, due to the diversity of tasks and the difference in their degree of importance and the extent of the knowledgeable person responsible for them, etc. We at Pioneers Without Borders are aware of this matter through our long experience within the market and among members of society, so we created this The department will be a mini-executive department that performs many tasks and tasks in which we have experience.

Types of special management

Emerging management

Through this service, we sense many of the difficulties experienced by the owners of these establishments and their administrative systems, and we often find that there are difficulties in issues related to the company’s strategy and expected goals and in the method of building the company’s business model, as well as in analyzing the market and the ability to compete, searching for defects and working on expansion. Matters related to finance, accounts, and auditing, and perhaps related to product pricing or development.

Portfolio and stock management

In the special department related to financial markets, we have extensive experience that exceeds 16 years in this field, and we have dealt with many businessmen in managing financial portfolios by providing financial and technical consultations and strategies for trading in many global and local markets. This service is provided in particular to For those who have old stocks, it is possible to work on restoring portfolios and choosing good and strong financial positions that will help them reduce accumulated losses and release reserved liquidity.
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