What is Pioneers Without Borders?

Pioneers Without Borders Office for Economic Consultations was established in 2016 and holds License No. 12047.  Issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it provides economic consulting, training and private management services for individuals and establishments. The office receives applications that are subject to its specialization, team skills and experience, and contracts with specialists in other fields .


What services do Pioneers Without Borders provide?

After contacting us at Pioneers Without Borders, you will be able to learn about all our services. Consulting services are diverse and many, and we have endeavored with all our energy to be familiar with them, in order to be your partners in the success of your commercial activities. We aspire to gain the trust of our partners; That is why we tried to conduct a comprehensive study of the market and its needs, and after we got to know them, we sought the help of our current work team. Which contributes to providing consulting and training services that have made us one of the best professional companies in our fields of work.

work fields :

Pioneers Without Borders works according to three main areas as follows:

  • Economic consulting
  • Training
  • Private management

What is the duration of the study implementation?

The duration of the study implementation varies based on the nature of the project or proposed investment idea, and based on the targeted sector.


What are the characteristics of Pioneers Without Borders?

  • Providing work plans that are appropriate and flexible to the nature of activities.
  • Employing the latest technologies and innovative ideas to overcome challenges.
  • Continuous constructive partnership and always standing by the client while ensuring the success of business implementation.
  • Providing practical solutions based on deep market experience.
  • Commitment to ethical and professional standards.

How do I obtain Pioneers Without Borders services?

You can obtain economic feasibility study services by contacting us:

- E-mail:


– By phone: 966553920162

- WhatsApp: 966542332720+


What are the conditions that must be met to obtain a feasibility study?

- Seriousness in dealing.

- Having a project idea.

– View Pioneers Without Borders’ privacy policy.

- Adherence to the conditions.


What are the elements of a feasibility study?

Includes: - Financial feasibility study.

– Marketing feasibility study.

– Technical feasibility study.


What is the content of the economic feasibility study?

- executive summary.

– Preparing a technical study.

- Preparing a financial study.

– Marketing feasibility study.

– Results and recommendations.


Why choose “Pioneers Without Borders”?

– A work team specialized in preparing feasibility studies.

– Constant communication and continuous follow-up with our investors.

– High quality professional services.

- Competitive prices.

– Speed in implementing the study.

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