After contacting us at Pioneers Without Borders, you will be able to learn about all our services. Consulting services are diverse and many, and we have endeavored with all our energy to be familiar with them, in order to be your partners in the success of your commercial activities. We aspire to gain the trust of our partners; That is why we tried to conduct a comprehensive study of the market and its needs, and after we got to know them, we sought help from our current work team. Which contributes to providing consulting services that have made us one of the best professional companies in our fields of work.
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Business consulting

It includes many services, including: Studies and evaluation of economic feasibility. . Competition policies and related regulations. Economic concentration - mergers and acquisitions. . Building business models. . Preparing short and long-term strategic plans. . Review and evaluate administrative and organizational structures to comply with strategic plans. . Business analysis, identifying functional needs and preparing job descriptions. . Providing technical support services. . Restructuring and restoring troubled companies. Building administrative and financial regulations, administrative structures and work policies. Governance work. Qualifying organizations to obtain a certificate of conformity to quality requirements - ISO, qualifying companies for listing in the financial market. Providing guidance services and establishing pioneering projects. Special advisory role in the operations of financial portfolios and investment funds. Foreign investment procedures. Qualifying companies with relevant government agencies. Cost estimation and business evaluations. Financial and administrative support work. Organizational capabilities work.

Business Development

Are you one of the owners of new companies entering their first year in the market? Or an existing company that has development and marketing requirements that it seeks.. We will provide business development services through: Analyze the market size and identify the most important sector and what should be focused on. . . Competition analysis by identifying competitors in the market, in order to be able to confront them. . SWOT analysis to identify elements of strength and weakness, potential opportunities for success, and expected threats. . Customer analysis in order to identify the target customers and their nature to ensure the provision of services to them. . Study and analyze consumer priorities. . Determine the marketing mix strategy and build market share. Preparing and evaluating marketing policies and creating ideas. Preparing the feasibility study, business and requirements for obtaining franchise rights. Registration of trademarks and patents. Opening global marketing channels and entering new regional and global markets. . Providing investment opportunities and evaluating their feasibility. Performing the roles of strategic partner and contractual business advisor. Aligning companies’ actions with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and assisting in solid establishment processes .

Private management

1- Management of startup companies Through this service, we feel many difficulties and obstacles that the owners of these establishments and their administrative system face. We often find that there are difficulties in issues related to the company’s strategy and expected goals, in the way of building the company’s business model, as well as in analyzing the market and the ability to compete, searching for defects and working on Expansion, matters related to finance, accounts, auditing, and perhaps matters related to product pricing or development.
2- Portfolio and stock management In private management related to financial markets, we have extensive experience that exceeds 16 years in this field. We have dealt with many businessmen in managing private financial portfolios and providing financial and technical consultations and strategies for trading in many global and local markets. This service is provided in particular to... For those who have old shares, it is possible to work on restoring portfolios and choosing good and strong financial centers that will help them reduce accumulated losses and release reserved liquidity. The services provided, as are our other services, consist of consultation, training, and management, separately or in combination, as permitted by the laws and legislation in each country.
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