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Pioneers Without Borders Office provides all services related to consultations in the economic field, both macro and micro, which includes several aspects related to management, planning, analysis, finance, marketing, preparation of studies, research, and business development for all establishments in the public and private sectors, and provides them in the form of independent services, integrated services, and qualitative initiatives.
What personal information do we collect?

We always strive to deliver We provide you with various advisory services for the purpose of contributing to achieving your investment goals. Therefore, we are interested in obtaining a set of data and information related to your visit to our website. The most important information that we collect about you is as follows:

  • We are interested in information about your visits to our website, knowing the duration of the session within the website, and the most important content that you view on our website.
  • Registering your email with us is important and helps us show you everything new and special about our services.
  • Obtaining personal information, including your name and email address.
  • Information that comes to us through any correspondence you make to our website, whether messages or comments on the site, as well as metadata.

 Your personal identification information

We do not, at the Pioneers Without Borders Feasibility Studies Office, collect any information related to personal identity in any illegal way, but we want our valued visitors to follow the site’s instructions and provide only the necessary personal data mentioned in the previous points. This is for the purpose of helping us provide you with our services to the fullest.

How do we use your personal data that we have collected?

The website collects personal data and information about visitors for several purposes, including the following:

  • Help us improve the quality of consulting services we provide to our valued clients.
  • We always strive to improve and speed up our website to respond quickly to our visitors at any time.
  • Access all new advisory services, whether feasibility studies or financial and marketing analyzes by emailing you, which helps you benefit from the offers presented by the Pioneers Without Borders office.

how We help you protect your information and investment ideas?

We have our own policy in dealing with investment ideas provided to us by clients, as we follow all proper procedures and allocate the highest security standards in collecting, storing, and dealing with any data or personal information related to project ideas. We are keen to protect that data and prevent unauthorized dealing, modification, or disclosure. Or destroy your personal data. We have a security system at the highest level that encrypts all data and information that is provided:

  • Our mission is to protect your personal data and information obtained through ‎logging in to our website.
  • We are fully committed to keeping your data strictly confidential and not disclosing it to any person or non-governmental entity
  • We ask you not to share your data with any other person or website. We are not responsible for any breach of your personal data if it is shared with others. Therefore, we advise you, if this happens, to change your password and reset it again.

 Share your personal information and investment ideas

At Rowad Without Borders, we are committed not to share or trade any personal information or investment ideas that you provide to us, but we ask you not to disclose any of your personal data or investment ideas to any other people so that your intellectual property is not infringed, as we are not obligated to do so. We are always careful not to share any of your information or data with third parties.

 Change to our privacy policy

We have the full right to change or modify the privacy policy of our website, but we are obligated to inform you by email that some changes will be made to the privacy policy, so we consider your continuation on our website to be your acceptance of this new amendment.

Agree to the privacy policy

We consider your continued access to our website to be your agreement to all the aforementioned policies, and you are obligated to respect these policies and not harm our website. We are also keen to serve you, so we ask you to be careful about the safety of our website and not broadcast any links or comments that harm the site.


We use cookies in order to know some personal information and the reasons for your visit to our website. We also note that you should not disable this feature so that you can use our website easily.

Links to other websites

You may find within our website some links to other sites. We do not have control over these sites, but they have their own policies, so you must understand the matter because we completely disclaim any responsibility towards these sites, and you can view their policies by visiting their websites.

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We appreciate your concerns and concern about your privacy, so we are keen to assist you at any time. You can contact us via email.

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