privacy policy

There are several policies that must be adhered to when dealing With Pioneers Without Borders, it is a policy that was prepared to help you understand the contracting system between the customer and the company in order to obtain services. Therefore, we are committed to requesting information and data that preserves the rights of both parties away from legal violations, and you must be completely sure that we take your data and information seriously as follows:

  •  All the data we obtain from our customers is strictly confidential and cannot be accessed by anyone.
  •  We take the legal situation seriously, ensuring that your data is protected and not disclosed to any non-governmental entity.
  • We have our own policy on the use of personal data in order to ensure how serious our customers are, and we also give them all respect and appreciation for their commitment to our privacy.
    Especially since we require this data for the following
  •  Evaluate the level of service and how useful it is to you.
  • Find out the problems you encountered while requesting Pioneers Without Borders services.
  • We care that you are the first to benefit from the latest offers from Pioneers Without Borders, so we send you a notification whenever we present a new service or special offer that suits you.
  • Verify your identity to ensure you are serious and continue requesting Pioneers Without Borders services.
  • We provide you with several features that help you make the most of the services of Pioneers Without Borders.
  • Our mission is to protect your personal data and the information obtained by logging in to obtain Pioneers Without Borders services.
  • We are fully committed to keeping your data strictly confidential and not disclosing it to any person or non-governmental entity.
  • We ask you not to share your data with any other person or site. We are not responsible for any breach of your personal data if it is shared with others, so we advise you, if this happens, to change your password and reset it again.

terms of use

The terms of use for Pioneers Without Borders are a constitution that you follow to obtain services, and the meaning of entering our website in order to request services is that you are bound by them. If you do not wish to disclose that, you can not use the services because we are not obligated to provide any information related to Pioneers Without Borders. .

We have the right to change the Terms of Use from time to time, and therefore we must notify you of the latest changes that have occurred by sending an alert notice to your e-mail. Therefore, we ask you to review the Terms of Use periodically.

 The terms of use represent contract terms for obtaining Pioneers Without Borders services. Therefore, we ask our visitors to review the terms of use before requesting our services.


  • There are some rights and duties that we dictate to those who wish to obtain the services of Pioneers Without Borders in order to give everyone his right, and there are terms for dealing with and obtaining these services.
  • The available studies are the property of Pioneers Without Borders, and users do not have the right to copy them and publish them on any other sites, as it is tantamount to fraud and misappropriation of our proprietary rights.
  • Rowad Without Borders provides you with several important feasibility studies that will help you implement your investment ideas, so you can use Rowad Without Borders services in order to fulfill your goal and get what you need in the world of investment.
  •  You cannot obtain any of the studies that Rowad Without Borders makes available to you except through it and through the steps that we specify for you within the company.
  • Disclose sufficient information that confirms to us your business identity and verify your email address.


  • Rowad Without Borders is committed to preserving user data and not disclosing it to any unofficial party unless the person is required by law.
  • If you encounter any problem when using Rowad Without Borders services, we are obligated to solve it immediately.
  • You can write to us at any time to obtain our services or to solve a problem you encounter when using it.
  • You can inquire about all the information you want about Pioneers Without Borders and the services and check our terms of use.
  • We are obligated to deliver studies as quickly as possible in accordance with the terms and conditions set by Pioneers Without Borders.

These are the terms of use that Pioneers Without Borders sets for you, which give you a level of safety and assurance to complete your studies professionally. We note to our users that if they encounter any problem or wish to inquire about something related to Pioneers Without Borders, you can contact us via our e-mail.

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