Transport and logistics sector

Transport and logistics sector

The transportation and logistics sector is one of the vital and important sectors in the global economy, as it plays an essential role in the movement of goods and services between different countries and regions. This sector includes a wide range of activities, including land, sea, air and rail transport, as well as logistics services, such as warehousing and distribution.

Manufacturing industry in Dammam II

capital 64 million US dollars
Rate of Return 14 %
Payback period 5 years

Temperature controlled warehouse

capital 187 million US dollars
Rate of Return 10 %
Payback period 3 Years

Ship maintenance services

capital 60 million US dollars
Rate of Return 12-14 %
Payback period 4 years

Shipping agencies

capital 56 million US dollars
Rate of Return 13 %
Payback period 3 years
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